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  1. Put the herbal teabag in a pot (earthenware, glass, enamel or stainless steel) with cover, then add about 4-6 mugs of tap water. The water should be cover the teabag.
  2. Let the herbal teabag sock for 30 minutes.
  3. Cook by high heat until boiling, then turn down to medium or small heat.
  4. Simmer until the water from 4-6 mugs goes down to around 2 mugs or little bit less (more concentrated) (about take 30 minutes to 1 hour to boil depend how high heat). Don' t stir to avoid break bag.
  5. Filter (or squeeze if not enough) herbal tea from teabag to 2 mugs.
  6. Drink 1 mug herbal tea when it is warm (not too hot or cold), another 1 mug herbal tea save to refrigerator for next time warm up and then take it. 1 herbal teabag for 1 day (next day use another new teabag), 1 mug herbal juice twice a day (1 mug herbal tea for morning and 1 mug for evening).
  7. If you are busy, you can make herbal juice after you come back home - 1 mug herbal juice for evening, 1 mug herbal juice for next morning. Or you can make 2-7 herbal teabags together. Such as 2 herbal teabags add 8-12 mugs water boil down to 4 mugs herbal juice and then save them in the refrigerator (use fresh bag), each time put out 1 mug herbal tea and warm it and then take it, twice a day. If you are too busy or difficult to make the herbal tea, you can ask Dr. Chen to make for you.

Note: Chinese herbs taste bitter, because they are natural herbs. You may add honey (or anything can help drink) in the herbal juice to release the bitter, or take a bit of sugar after drinking the herbal juice. The body accepts these herbs in the same way as it takes food or vegetables, so that dietary wastes or to product heat etc. that aggravate symptoms can be eliminated and cleansed without side-effects. They are good for your healthy, nutrition, balance inner organ functions and enhance your immune systems. Generally, normal case can be treated successfully and rapidly by dosing with several sets of Chinese herbs. However, some chronic cases may need a longer course of treatment. Take the patience! So take the herbs as longer as possible until your inside health stronger and balance not only symptoms disappeared.

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